Alternative Products

At Music Mountain Water, we are more than just water!

Enhance your Music Mountain Water plan with these available Sqwincher products. Sqwincher products are here to take your hydration to the next level. Replenish your electrolytes, revive your natural energy or just add some flavor to your water!

If you are looking to create custom water bottle labels for a business or event, you’ve come to the right place! See below for more details.

Qwik Stik

Enjoy the same great taste you expect from Sqwincher. Single-serve pouch is designed to be poured directly into 20oz bottled water. Just pour, shake and drink. Sugar free for the diabetic or carb conscious workers.

Available in Peach Tea, Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors.

20 oz. WideMouth RTD

Sqwincher 20oz. WideMouth is available in our 6 of our popular flavors, Grape, Orange, Fruit Punch, Cool Citrus, Mixed Berry, and Lemon-Lime. WideMouth bottles feature an extra-wide opening for easy product consumption and enjoyment.

Sqwincher Sqweeze

FREEZE IT & SQWEEZE IT! The great taste and performance of Sqwincher, available in a tasty frozen treat. Reduce core body temperature with Sqwincher’s scientifically developed formulation that is absorbed into the body at a significantly faster rate than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for proper re-hydration. Next time you reach for frozen refreshment, don’t just settle for mere flavored ice, protect the body from heat stress and fatigue while enjoying the great taste of Sqwincher Sqweeze electrolyte replenishing freezer pops!


Make a statement with custom-labeled bottled water for your event or organization:

  • Brand Building

  • On-Site Marketing

  • Mobile-Marketing

  • Corporate Events

  • Trade Show Giveaways

  • Resale

  • Resale

  • Schools

  • Donations or Giveaways

  • Weddings, Family Reunions, etc.

  • Just for fun!