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Office Delivery

Our route trucks can deliver once, twice, or four times a month depending on your needs. We serve customers with one water cooler to hundreds of coolers. We offer bundle plans shown below or standard cooler rental and water priced by the bottle.

We realize that in a controlled, office environment water usage does not fluctuate seasonally. However, for large industrial accounts, bundle plans are not practical.

Office Bundle Plans

There are several bundle plans for our office bottled water service.

Here is how it works. We deliver you a water cooler, and the number of units of the water of your choice.

Then, once a month our delivery truck will stop by your office and replace the number of units based on your plan.

Let’s say for example that you decide that the 5 unit plan is best for you. Each month when our delivery truck stops by, if you have 3 empty 5 gallon bottles, your route salesman will replace those 3 bottles and leave you two cases of small bottles. If you have 4 empties, he will replace them and leave you one case. If you have 5 empties, he will replace them.

$29.99 per month
Cooler and 3 unit plan
$34.99 per month
Cooler and 4 unit plan
$39.99 per month
Cooler and 5 unit plan
$44.99 per month
Cooler and 6 unit plan

You may adjust your plan twice a year to increase or decrease the number of units you want delivered each month. (If changed more than twice per year a $15 change fee will apply)

* Ordering of cups or additional water available at regular prices

Standard pricing
Hot and Cold cooler
$12.00 per month
Room temp and Cold cooler
$9.00 per month
Arkansas Spring Water
$7.99 per bottle
Purified Drinking
$7.49 per bottle
Case of Single Serve Spring Water
$6.99 per case
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