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Our Water

All of our waters meet or exceed all FDA, EPA, and other governmental standards and regulations. We are highly regulated and inspected annually by NSF, FDA, and numerous other inspection organizations. As they are bottled in our state of the art plant, all of our products are treated through.

  • Micron Filters
    Helps to remove fine partials. These particles are often smaller than what the human eye can see. It is also effective in the removal of bacteria, yeast and mold thus helping to ensure the purest of water with a crisp clean taste.
  • Activated Carbon Filters
    Helps to eliminate organic matter naturally found in water.
  • Ozone- is one of the world natural sanitizers.
    It is generated by electrically charging an oxygen atom. The atom is broken into its separate molecules. These oxygen molecules attach to existing O2 atoms to form O3, which is Ozone. Ozone effectively eliminates any possible microbial contamination of the product prior to bottling. Ozone is used instead of chlorine because it is unstable and reverts back to oxygen within twenty-four hours- leaving no residue of aftertaste.

Testing is performed at every stage of our process, from the source to finished product, to assure specifications. Several quality checks are performed on an hourly and daily basis. During each hour of production, physical and chemical tests are performed to ensure the quality of the water.

Microbiological tests of the raw and finished product are performed frequently. Samples are also sent to outside labs each week to confirm in-house testing results. On an annual basis, extensive testing is performed by independent laboratories to ensure that high quality standards are kept.