About Us

Music Mountain Water Company's roots extend back to the year 1919

   In those days, it was called "Electrified Water Company" because the purification process utilized an electric powered distillation unit, a major innovation. After changing owners several times over the years, the company now known as Music Mountain Water was purchased by the Wren family in 1980.

   Today, although we use local springs for our private label customers, Music Mountain Spring water is transported from a secluded spring surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest in 6,200 gallon tankers to our modern, state-of-the-art bottling facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. Music Mountain has grown tremendously over the last twenty five years because of an iron-clad commitment to maintaining the highest quality of both our products and our service. In addition to our main Shreveport location, we have branches in Alexandria, Monroe, and Lafayette Louisiana, El Dorado, Arkansas, and in East Texas (between Longview & Tyler), and Lufkin, serving Home and Office customers with water coolers and returnable bottles of water.

     In addition, Music Mountain Water can be found in grocery stores and convenience stores in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Mississippi. We are also one of the largest private label bottlers in the South.Although many things about our industry have changed since the early years of the last century, one thing remains constant - Music Mountain is your reliable source for quality bottled water and service to match!